Trump Resistance Report - October 12, 2017

Last Thursday, Trump called for the Senate Intel Committee to investigate news networks that report unsavory things about the President. Soon after, committee leader Richard Burr stated that this proposed investigation was not going to happen, probably because the idea in and of itself was stupid, and there is absolutely no legal precedent for this unless we lived in an authoritarian state. Last I checked we do not, but honestly, who knows what the next three years will bring.

Trump Resistance Report - October 5, 2017

On Friday, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned as a scandal unfolded regarding his chartering of private, taxpayer funded planes for personal use. Although Price offered to pay back a small fraction of the cost of taking the planes, Donald Trump was enraged by the image problem that the scandal created and publicly spoke out against the Secretary’s actions. Even more interesting, however, is that the legal and ethics offices approved the trips, calling into question the overall legitimacy of the offices as a whole.

Forty GW College Democrats in Woodbridge

Forty GW College Democrats in Woodbridge

A delegation of over 40 GW College Democrats travelled to Woodbridge, VA to canvas for house delegate candidates Jennifer Carroll Foy and Hala Ayala, as well as the Democratic candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice America, members of our organization knocked on over 3,500 doors, and engaged with over 1,000 voters.

Trump Resistance Report - September 28, 2017

On September 21, Donald Trump tweeted out kudos to himself for endorsing Senate candidate Luther Strange of Alabama, stating that since the President endorsed him he “has gone up a lot in the polls.” Okay, so maybe this wasn’t the first time Trump drooled over him; the day before, he said, and this is a real quote, “Alabama is sooo lucky” to have him. Unfortunately for Trump, Strange lost the Republican primary on Tuesday. Sad! But all in all, it’s probably best that we don’t have someone in office who sounds like a supervillain with the power to freeze his enemies in blocks of ice. However, the other guy thinks homosexuality should be illegal and insists that Obama is not a US citizen, so honestly we’re screwed either way.

SMPA town hall: How media and politics changed the state of the nation

On Wednesday, Sep. 13, the GW College Democrats and College Republicans co-sponsored an SMPA Town Hall to discuss how media and politics have shaped the country recently and how we, as a nation, move forward. 

The panelists were Jeffrey Blount, who directed Meet the Press for over a decade; Hadas Gold, a GW alumna who has worked for Politico and CNN; Howard Opinsky, the former press secretary for Sen. John McCain; Mara Liasson, a longtime political correspondent for NPR; Cornell Belcher, an award-winning Democratic pollster and Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-PA.

Frank Sesno, the director of SMPA, started the panel off with statements from both the College Democrats and Republicans. GW College Democrats Executive Vice President Aly Belknap gave her insights first.

Trump Resistance Report - September 21, 2017

Last Friday, the world reeled as we heard the news of a terrorist attack in London after explosives were set off in the subway tunnels. Naturally, Trump was quick to follow the precedent he has set of criticizing our friends across the pond in times of mourning, such as in June when he went after the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, following a terrorist incident at the London Bridge. The President went on yet another Twitter rampage and asserted that the perpetrators were already “in the sights of Scotland Yard” and that they failed to be “proactive.” He also took the tragedy as an opportunity the plug harsher travel and surveillance restrictions in the US. Obviously, real condolences would have been much too cliché.

We should do more on 9/11 than post on Facebook

We should do more on 9/11 than post on Facebook

September 11, 2001. The attacks on the United States changed the world as we know it. It rocked the nation to its core. I am one of the youngest people who was both alive and able to remember 9/11. I didn't understand or know what had happened, but I remember how dark that day was in my house. My father was a pilot—the phone didn't stop ringing with calls from terrified friends and family, wondering if he was home, safe.

Last Monday marked 16 years since those attacks. My social media was filled with people posting "never forget," flag pictures, or what they remember from 9/11. And that's understandable. It was a national tragedy and we feel compelled to take part in "never forgetting." But all that those Facebook posts do is support our collective sadness. And on a day like 9/11, that's okay. But instead of just reflecting on our sadness, let's move to action; let's take 9/11 and the pain it brings and do something with it.

Trump Resistance Report - September 14, 2017

In the latest installment of our international collusion saga, it was revealed on September 7th that Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia meeting did not actually align with his previously stated purpose. This continues to change the trajectory of the investigation, as Trump Jr. initially denied that the meeting ever happened. Then, in March, he admitted that it did happen, but that the meeting was focused on adoption policy, an assertion that the president himself confirmed. Alas, that was shockingly not the purpose of the meeting. Instead, it appears that the meeting was in response to a Russian offer to help the Trump campaign find dirt on Hillary Clinton. Of course, according to Don Jr., the meeting overall doesn't matter because they didn't discover anything worthwhile. Figures.

Trump Resistance Report - September 7, 2017

Well, it seems that even though Trump could get neither a repeal nor a replace passed in the last Congressional session (probably because any alternative would’ve been disastrous and stupid), he still has it out for Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Last Thursday, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that spending on advertisement for a shortened enrollment period would be slashed by 90 percent thanks to the Trump Administration. Because, you know, if you can’t get a better deal passed, you might as well just blatantly allow millions to lose coverage.

The Endless Summer (of Healthcare Advocacy)

The Endless Summer (of Healthcare Advocacy)

Working at an advocacy-focused organization this summer, of all summers, was going to be anything but boring. But when I applied for a summer internship at the Feminist Majority Foundation on a whim, I had no idea what I was in for.

I walked in on my first day, business casual and all, and sat in a conference room with the other interns. The first thing we did was talk about the policy issues we were passionate about. As an International Affairs major concentrating in Global Public Health, I was ecstatic to get assigned to two projects: 1) advocating for Afghan women and 2) advocating against the Senate’s sad excuse for a healthcare bill.