2017 DNC Chair Election

Congratulations to our next DNC Chair Tom Perez! Chairman Perez understands the importance of including young people in the fight to move our party and country forward. We also want to congratulate Keith Ellison for being named Deputy Chair of the DNC. We look forward to working with this new administration in the months and years to come, especially to secure increased involvement in the Democratic Party from young people and College Democrats. We want to thank all of the candidates who ran to share their ideas, vision, and plans for the future of the Democratic Party.

Why We Need Feminism

GW College Democrats is excited to be launching #FemDems! The mission of #FemDems within GW College Democrats is to promote feminist values and intersectionality in the Democratic Party such as political, economic, and social equality for all people and foster an inclusive and diverse community of college advocates.

Here are some perspectives from members of GW College Democrats about why they are feminists.

Saara Navab

“My dad came to the U.S. for school from Iran about 45 years ago so immigrant is such a weird word for me. He’s been a citizen since George H.W. Bush was president. He came here legally, by getting a student visa during the hostage crisis, but when he couldn’t pay his tuition on time his school reported him to deportation court. Luckily, the district attorney took mercy on him and convinced the judge that he wasn't deportable. My dad had to explain that his bank just could not give him his money because there was a revolution going on back home and that he could not go back. He’s still so lucky because so many of his other friends got deported from other schools in the U.S."

Trump's Catastrophic Administration

President Donald Trump is a businessman with no prior experience in government. His business interests span the world and he has worked with state officials in several countries to build his hotels. During his presidential transition, Trump has failed to raise a clear barrier between his personal business interests and his role as President. His cabinet appointments also include several billionaires, making his one of the wealthiest Cabinets in history and teeming with possible conflicts-of-interest.