Every year, our members elect an executive board to lead our organization. Each executive board member hosts one office hour a week. Stop by Marvin 422 to learn more about our organization or just to chat.


Made up of appointed leaders with specialized skills and focuses.

Nic Nevins, Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy

Anthony Tusino, Director of LGBT+ Affairs

Hannah Wright, Director of #FemDems

Morgan Caldwell, Director of Public Relations

Claire Cantrell, Director of Communications

Olivia Dunn, Director of Social Media

Emily Milakovic, Director of DemsBlog

Baileigh Tolar, Director of Photography

Justin Crowe, Director of On-Campus Outreach

Vaughn Hillman, Director of Freshman Engagement

Jerrod Ames, Director of Alumni Relations

Matt Wiggins, Director of Major Gifts

Joanna Ratigan, Director of D.C. Engagement

Ricardo Azze, Director of Campaign Research

Rose Collins, Director of Debates

Sabrina Davis, Director of Racial Justice

Aaron Galloway, Director of Latinx Affairs

Hannah Goldstein, Director of Political Outreach

Gavin Gondalwala, Director of Activism

Christine Guinessey, Director of Sustainability

Haley Hendrick, Director of Diplomacy

Sarah Ingram, Director of Public Health

Molly Lienesch, Co-Director of Gun Violence Prevention

Graham Reitman, Co-Director of Gun Violence Prevention

Rayhaan Merani, Director of Campus Advocacy

Christian Miller, Director of Voter Engagement


If you would like to join one of our specialized committees, fill out the form below and one of our leadership members will get back to you.

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