Our team is critical to making sure the gears of progress keep moving us all forward.

Executive Board

Every year, our members elect an executive board to lead our organization. They will take office on 15 May 2017. Office hours will begin in the fall.

OUTGOING Executive board

Each executive board member hosts one office hour a week, stop by Marvin 427 to learn more about our organization or just to chat.

Senior Deputy Board

Made up of appointed leaders with specialized skills and focuses. They will take office on 15 May 2017.

Ricardo Azze, Director of Campaign Research

Rose Collins, Director of Debates

Sabrina Davis, Director of Racial Justice

Aaron Galloway, Director of Latinx Affairs

Hannah Goldstein, Director of Political Outreach

Gavin Gondalwala, Director of Activism

Christine Guinessey, Director of Sustainability

Haley Hendrick, Director of Diplomacy

Sarah Ingram, Director of Public Health

Molly Lienesch, Co-Director of Gun Violence Prevention

Graham Reitman, Co-Director of Gun Violence Prevention

Rayhaan Merani, Director of Campus Advocacy

Christian Miller, Director of Voter Engagement

Nic Nevins, Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy

Anthony Tusino, Director of LGBT+ Affairs

Hannah Wright, Director of #FemDems

Morgan Caldwell, Director of Public Relations

Claire Cantrell, Director of Communications

Olivia Dunn, Director of Social Media

Emily Milakovic, Director of DemsBlog

Baileigh Tolar, Director of Photography

Justin Crowe, Director of On-Campus Outreach

Vaughn Hillman, Director of Freshman Engagement

Jerrod Ames, Director of Alumni Relations

Matt Wiggins, Director of Major Gifts

Joanna Ratigan, Director of D.C. Engagement

Outgoing SENIOR DEPUTY Board

Made up of appointed leaders with specialized skills and focuses.


James Harnett, Deputy Director of Technology

Ricky Azze, Deputy Director of Communications (not pictured)

Varun Chandorkar, Deputy Director of Voter Registration

Roshni Sandhlla, Deputy Director of Photography (not pictured)

Arian Rubio, Deputy Director of Alumni Outreach

Maya Slavkin, Deputy Director of Civic Engagement

T.J. Clark, Deputy Director of Debates

Giovanna Kupiec, Deputy Director of Sustainability

Detrick Campbell, Deputy Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs

Molly Lienesch, Deputy Director of Events (not pictured)

Caitlin Berg, Deputy Director of Women's Issues (not pictured)

Brenna Carroll, Deputy Director of Development (not pictured)

Graham Steinburg, Co-Deputy Director of Campaigns

Nic Nevins, Co-Deputy Director of Campaigns

freshmen committee

A team of Freshmen who communicate with Freshman class and plan Freshman specific events.

Ethan Weatherdon

Robert Dickson

Monica Iskander

Claire Cantrell

Anika Raju

Hannah Wright

Patrick Neuner

Zachary Haver

Colin O'Brien

Alexandra Dobre

Olivia Parker

Finley Wetmore

Policy Committee

Responsible for drafting the official GW College Democrats platform.

Megan McCorquodale

Robert Dickson

Jack Anderson

Yuval Lev

Josh Kirmsse

Detrick Campbell

James Harnett

Gabriella Rossner

Francesco DeSantis

Campaign Committee

Works to organize events such as off-campus campaign trips, trainings, rallies, etc.

Kathleen Hunt

Leisha Mahajan

T.J. Worthington

Neha Kushwaha


Annie Salyers

Rose Collins

Connor O’Kelley

Evan Bennett

Jack Nassetta

Blog Committee

This committee is in charge of DemsBlog. Students work together to write and edit articles, and take photographs. Send us an email if you'd like to write for us.

Emily Recko

Theodore Leavell

Yuval Lev

Matthew Montag

Monica Iskander

Ricardo Azze

Emma Barrera

Caroline Schiavo

Caitlin Berg

Emily Milakovic

Owen Evans

Gavin Derleth

Baileigh Tolar

Benjamin Pavel Pistora

Levi Debose

Francesco DeSantis

Vaughn Hillman

Aly Belknap

James Harnett

Beatrice Mount

T.J. Worthington

Colin O'Brien

Olivia Dunn

Debate Committee

Preparing for official debates between other school organizations, like the GW College Republicans.

Jenna Compoleito

Sean Holland

Austin Wade Lew

Gregory Mekenian

Events Committee

Works to plan membership events such as the Freshman Monument Walk, the Election Night Watch Party, and others.

Hannah Goldstein

Jeslyn Zakes

Olivia Dunn

Sam Stroud

Jonathon Montano

Environmental Issues Committee

Made up of students who are passionate about environmental policy; the goal of the committee is to bring awareness to environmental issues within the Democratic Party and plan related events.

Christine Guinessey

Hannah Brenner

Development Committee

Runs fundraising efforts for the GW College Democrats by contacting alumni nationwide, organizing fundraising events, and securing corporate sponsorships and donations.

Phoebe Elizaga

Emma Young

Lauren Keats

Sarah Sem

Leonardo Boccalon

Talia Simon

Andrew Lama

Morgan Caldwell

Mia Saponara

Mallory Stewart Robison

Jerrod Ames

Katherine Marti

Patrice Narasimhan

Clare Park

Lars E. Schonander

Community Service Committee

Works to plan various volunteer-based events throughout the year such as the White House Garden Tours, MLK Day of Service, and Veterans’ Day of Service.

Cooper Atkins

Aleena Khan

Tori Fessenden

Natalie Ioele

Maya Slavkin

Adriana Dunn

Justin Crowe

Aaron Galloway

Joanna Ratigan

Yuval Lev

Programming Committee

Plans and executes political programming events, such as speakers and panels.

Dan Ohiri

Emma Anderson

Amanda Hillware

Sam Stroud

Ben Raffel

Savannah O'Sickey

Anthony Tusino

Rose Collins

Collin Parker

Deanna Reyes

Caroline Schiavo

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